The Invisible Man

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An original short story...

He still walks the Earth. He breathes the same air, drives the same roads, his heart beats the same beat, just not for me and my family.

Some days I forget about the man who helped me learn how to ride my bike, took my sister and me to movies every weekend, or played the Big Monster in our fantastical games.

Most days, I remember the man who left. The one who didn’t wish me ‘Happy Birthday', the one who missed my Graduation, the one who wasn’t there for my dance performances and plays. I know he’s not in the audience, but I look anyway. And sometimes, far off in the corner, I see the phantom of the smiles he used to give me.

Elizabeth! Ven aquí, vas a ir muy lejos.

I can go farther, I say.

But I never did, I’m still here, he went too far. But every now and then, I stretch my fingers hoping that eventually, I’ll be able to hold on.

He is here. I just don’t know where, but sometimes I close my eyes and wish the Invisible Man would reappear.

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