US or Them: Time for a Class Action Lawsuit Revoking Gun Manufacturers’ Corporate Charters, Citizenship and Personhood

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Are corporations a race?

Because I need to know and I think the rest of the human population of America deserves to know too. As a victim of gun violence myself, I’m more than ready to sign on to a class action lawsuit. Something like Human-Person-Taxpayer-Citizens vs. Corporate-Person-Tax-Evading-Legal-Fictions at the Supreme Court. And why not base said suit on the grounds of racial discrimination?

Corporate legal fictions have made it abundantly clear to the human race that they feel themselves to be a race. And not just a race, but a superior race, deserving of our unconditional no-strings subsidy, no matter how many innocents go down in a hail of bullets. No matter how large the icebergs breaking up at the poles.

With the advent of AI, and AI-driven policing, robotics and warfare, how much longer could it be before the corporate master race declare all out war on the human race, if they haven’t already tacitly done so? Science fiction?

With metal detectors now going into public buildings here in Clifton and nationwide and so many of our fellow citizens prematurely winding up in refrigerators, buried or cremated week to week, perhaps we could make a compelling case.

Gun manufacturers certainly do appear to regard themselves and be regarded by our legal system as a kind of master race devoid of any social obligation or reason. They profit off of lax gun control laws and a culture of exploitation and count on the violent subjugation of human life in the service of shareholder returns. Congress has shown little willingness to reign them in.

As current circumstances bear out, law enforcement culture in America is utterly divorced from human suffering, taking its cues instead from the cold, medieval, quota-driven diktats of gun manufacturers and the for-profit prison complex. We see the creeping militarization of public space.

Only in America - this country of ours where not even access to affordable healthcare or potable water are guaranteed as human rights - could guns outnumber humans.

Did those of our elected officials in Washington who supported the transfer of the rights of human citizenship and personhood to America’s gun manufacturing sector fully understand what they were getting into? Did they understand that by voting “Aye!” they would be upholding the rights of a for-profit, shareholder-driven legal fiction, run on fear, mistrust and mass casualties?

If so, might such a human-race-based class action lawsuit against gun manufacturers be at all possible? I don’t even know.

Whither our Constitutionally enshrined human rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

As it stands, the language of the Citizens United legislation appears to prevent the revoking of corporate charters by referendum because corporate persons are entitled to equal protection and due process under the Fourteenth Amendment. Moreover, civil rights legislation and the Fourteenth Amendment are used to ensure that corporate persons have an equal opportunity to be part of our communities.

But gun manufacturers can’t and shouldn’t have it both ways. 

Respect and standing in the community are earned. And as gun manufacturers use and abuse the power of their “personhood” to effectively function as overlords, nullifying our human-conceived Constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we can no longer be safe anywhere. Only through the threat of revoking their corporate charters can we reverse and begin to do away with this calamitous, uniquely American state of affairs.

If we are ever to have rational gun control in a country and a society in alignment with the legitimate aspirations of the hearts and minds of the human citizen-taxpayer, surely our human personhood must prevail over their corporate personhood. Why not take that to the highest court in the land?

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