Spotted Lanternfly Sightings Reported in Passaic County


Photo credit: Mt Cuba Center @mtcubacenter

The NJ State Agricultural Department has confirmed Spotted Lanternfly populations in Passaic County, with the majority of NJ counties now having reported populations.  Originally from China and southern Asia, it is considered an invasive species that can spread long distances through infested items.  Since being discovered in PA in 2014 it has spread to much of the Northeast.  If US spread continues, the pest could become a threat to grape, orchard and logging industries.  

The NJ state agricultural department advises NJ residents to:

  • Check Vehicles for spotted lanternfly egg or insects and destroy any eggs or insects you find.
  • Inspect Delivered Items: Check shipping containers, pallets and other items stored outdoors and received goods for egg masses and insects.
  • Keep Car windows closed:  When parked, keep windows closed. 
  • Remove and destroy found pests: Crush insects. Scrape egg masses into a plastic bag in the trash.
  • Remove host trees: Spotted lanternflies prefer the ailanthus tree, remove trees from property to avoid attracting spotted lanternfly when possible.
  • Report sightings: Contact the state agricultural department to report sightings outside of quarantined zones

Passaic County is not currently on the state's quarantine list, to see the full list click here.

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