18 Potential Candidates for the Clifton City Council Election in November


The Clifton City Council elections are coming up this fall, election day is November 8th.

To run for the City Council, candidate hopefuls are required to request petitions from the Clifton City Clerks office. Each potential candidate must receive 587 signatures from Clifton registered voters, which represents 1% of Clifton voters as of the last General Election in 2021.

All petition signatures must be submitted 60 days before the November election and certified by the City Clerk before a candidate can be placed on the ballot.

Petitions are available beginning in March of the election year. To be eligible to run for City Council candidates must be 18 years of age, a registered voter in Clifton, and have at least one year of Clifton residency. So far, 18 Clifton residents have requested petitions, listed in alphabetical order they are:

  • Fahim Abedrabbo
  • Tafari Anderson
  • Avraham Eisenman
  • Alessia Eramo
  • Bill Gibson
  • Steve Goldberg
  • Ray Grabowski
  • Dominic Iannarella
  • Frank Kasper
  • Joseph Kolodziej
  • Kurell Law
  • Jack Mayo
  • Francesco Muoio
  • Lauren Murphy
  • Rosemary Pino
  • Bharat Rhana
  • Mary Sadrakula
  • Matt Trella

The list includes 5 current Council Members: Bill Gibson, Ray Grabowski, Lauren Murphy, Rosemary Pino and Mary Sadrakula as well as current School Board Commissioner Fahim Abedrabbo. To date, Mayor Jim Anzaldi and Councilman Peter Eagler have yet to request petitions. However, due to the September deadline there is still time for incumbents and new potential candidates to request and submit petitions for consideration.

The list also includes past elected officials including former Councilmember and Board of Education Commissioner Joseph Kolodziej, and former Board of Education Commissioners Tafari Anderson and Frank Kasper. In addition, past City Council candidate Bharat Rhana, past City Council and Board of Education candidate Steve Goldberg and past Board of Education candidates Avraham Eisenman and Matt Trella have also requested petitions to run.

Newcomers include Alessia Eramo, Dominic Iannarella, Kurell Law, Jack Mayo and Francesco Muoio. Overall the list of 18 candidates is smaller compared to past years, when up to 22 candidates have run. In Clifton's non-partisan Council elections, the top 7 vote getters are elected to office for a 4 year term.

A Clifton resident's signature can be certified on up to 7 candidate petitions. The deadline to submit petitions is September 6th, after which a list candidates will be confirmed. The Clifton Times will provide opportunities for candidate Q&A's, traditionally there are also in-person Candidate Forums hosted by the Clifton Republican Club and other community groups.

If you're interested in requesting petitions to run for City Council or have questions, contact the City Clerk at (973) 470-5824. Have a question you'd like to ask a Council candidate? Email us at TheCliftonTimes@gmail.com.

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