The Perfect Wines for the Kick Off to BBQ Season — No Matter What You're Grilling!


The weather is warming up and that can only mean one thing…it’s BBQ season! A time for dining outdoors, healthy grilling, and of course, great wine! But, which wines should you serve with your favorite BBQ foods?

It depends. Certain wines blend beautifully with burgers, but horribly with grilled fish, so it all comes down to the right pairings.

But, don’t worry about making the wrong choice—we’re here to take the guesswork out and give you some great tips on which wines to pair with some of the most popular BBQ foods.

Burgers & Malbec

Take the all-time American grilling favorite and pair it with the National Grape of Argentina!

Argentinian Malbecs are renowned for their dark fruit flavors and smoky finish. And, if you’re looking for an alternative to higher priced Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, this is it. Big juicy burgers are the perfect food for Malbec. And, if the weather is really hot, don’t be afraid to pop your Malbec in the fridge to add a bit of chill—despite what wine snobs might say, red wine needs to be served cooler in hot weather.

Chicken & Rosé

There are a lot of reasons why Rosé appreciation is on the rise and one is its ability to pair with classic summer foods.

Rosé is the absolute perfect hot-weather wine. Poolside, al fresco dining, beach picnics, no wine is a better choice for summer than rosé. Now, add some grilled chicken with your favorite dry rub or tangy BBQ sauce and you have the makings for a memorable summertime feast.

Portobello Mushrooms & Pinot Noir

You don’t have to grill meat to enjoy a good BBQ and we’ve got the perfect wine to go with that meatiest of all veggies…the mushroom!

Sensuous and silky, Pinot Noir’s enticing sometimes earthy perfume is practically made to pair with mushrooms. Intensely flavored, complex, with incredible longevity—it’s a wine meant to pair with food and since it’s lighter than heavier Cabernets, Pinot Noir won’t overshadow your meal.

Sausage & Zinfandel

Sure opposites attract, but sometimes the very best pairings are those that are alike.

With its unique taste, deep dark color and sometimes off-the-charts alcohol content—Zinfandels pack a real punch, with fruit-driven aromas and flavors of berries, black pepper, spice and sometimes even with a hint of chocolate or citrus. Add a spicy grilled sausage to the mix and you’ve found “foodie nirvana.”

Seafood & Chardonnay

Hotter weather sometimes calls for lighter foods and wines and few combinations are lighter and more refreshing than fresh fish and chilled Chardonnay!

One of the few white wines that gets better with age, some Chardonnays won’t reach their peak of flavor for five to eight years. The aging process, done mostly in oak barrels, give buttery and toasty flavors to the wine and a crispness that really enhances the flavor of your favorite grilled seafood.

One last thing about BBQs…

For many, BBQs are a natural setting for bringing out the beer—and with good reason. The carbonation, acidity, and coldness of beer acts as a natural palate cleanser. But, fear not, wine lovers, you too can experience that same palate-cleansing effect, that same freshness.

How you ask? Sparkling wine – whether it's Champagne, Prosecco, Cava, or Lambrusco — they are all bubbly, cold, and with the perfect effervescence to kick off a season of outdoor dining, warm nights, and good wine.

So, cheers to the unofficial start of summer and to a season full of perfect wine and BBQ pairings!

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