Sculpture by NJ Artist Added to the Clifton Sculpture Park


The Clifton Arts Center & Sculpture Park has added a new sculpture to the park by Morristown, NJ artist, Peter Allen, titled “Achilles”.  

Peter is an outdoor sculpture artist, a resident of Morristown, NJ and alumni of Brandeis University and School of the Visual Arts. He received training at Johnson Atelier in Hamilton, NJ as a foundry apprentice where in afterhours he made his own sculptures and worked with the bronzes of Louise Bougeoise, Joel Shapiro, George Segal, Issac Witkin and Seward Johnson.  He has had numerous art exhibits and also taught and lectured.  His figures in landscapes as a sculptor and painter have been a lifelong passion.  He continues to keep making new art by remaining close to form and nature through modelling wax and clay figures and welding cast bronze into stone constructions at his Morristown studio.

Allen is also developing ways to improve the quality of life for homebound artists and their caregivers through @MemoryBees on Instagram.  Since 2019, he also uses a website,, for artists to engage in online meetups with other artists.  Inspiration for these projects came from being the caregiver for a sculptor who nearly lost all contact with friends and family due to Alzheimer's, despite being able to still draw well and be engaged in drawing groups. With psychologists, Allen has been focusing on the potential transformative effects technology and art can have on the lives of people and those with dementia.

The sculpture of “Achilles” is in bronze. It reflects the part of the ancient Greek epic poem of “The Illiad” by Homer in which Achilles no longer wants to fight battles and isolates with the sculptor god, Hephaestus. He is rocked by the waves while singing songs of lamentation and cries jealous tears for being overlooked in battle. Peter Allen depicts “Achilles” in his sculpture as the fleet footed artist overlooked for his heroism who chooses to be sidelined as he awaits inspiration. He has been given a bronze wave that crashes over him and cocoons him like rocks in a cave or the songs and memories he has been caught up in.

The Clifton Arts Center Gallery is located within the Clifton Municipal Complex, near the Well Water on Well Road.  Admission fee suggestion is three dollars. For more information visit the website here.

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