A lover, not a fighter… Clifton Animal Shelter Pet of the Week: Romeo


Hi, my name is Romeo and I’ve got a story that’s as tragic as anything that guy Shakespeare could have written, but with any luck you can help me write my happy ending. You see, a while ago I had a home and a family that loved me, or at least I thought they loved me. Guessing that they didn’t because one day they took me for a ride in the car and dropped me off somewhere that wasn’t my house. I thought maybe they forgot something at home and they would be right back, but they just never came for me.

I’m a really nice cat and I was used to lots of pets and play times, so I kind of thought that the other cats I met in those first few days outside were going to be just as nice as me. Guess, what? I was wrong. I’ll admit it right here and now… I’m a lover, not a fighter and some of these outdoor cats were just not friendly to the new cat on the block. So, I got in a fight (not really a fight, I basically just got beat up) and I got a pretty nasty bite on my neck that hurt so bad.

Luckily, I saw a nice human and I ran right up to her and complained pretty loudly about my boo-boo. So loud, that she brought me to this place called the shelter. The volunteers instantly fell in love with me, but who could blame them? They said I am super handsome (obviously) and such a lover boy that they gave me the name Romeo. They sent me to the doctor and they took care of my injury and ran all sorts of tests on me and that’s when I got some really scary news. Turns out that the cat that beat me up had something called FIV and when he bit me, he gave it to me. Thanks a lot.

FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) sounds pretty scary, but the shelter volunteers keep telling me that the latest research says that I can live just as long as any other house cat and that I can’t give it to people or to dogs (so you and Rover will be perfectly safe with me) and it isn’t even that easy for me to give it to another cat. Don’t believe me? Here’s some scientific stuff from some really smart people to help put your mind at ease.

The bad thing about this dumb FIV thing is that some people get scared off and don’t even want to consider giving me a home, and that makes me so sad. I really want out of my cage and into a house again. Do you have room in your home — and your heart — for me?

Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou? Hopefully in your house… and soon! Fill out an online adoption application and then come in and meet me! Check out my photos and video on the Clifton Animal Shelter website and get ready to fall in LOVE.

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