Super Sized and Ready for Love… Clifton Animal Shelter Pet of the Week: Ninja


Hi, Ninja here! I’m what you might call a full-figured kind of cat… but I didn’t get this way all by myself. You see, before I became a shelter cat I had a real home with a human mom who loved me a whole lot. Maybe because we were best buddies and she didn’t have anyone else but me, she doted on me by giving me lots of love and even more than love, she gave me lots of treats (a real lot). I loved her very much and we had such fun sitting on the couch together watching Jeopardy (I wasn’t that good at guessing the answers, but my mom didn’t seem to mind). I kept her company, and she gave me pets. Our relationship really worked great for both of us, until…

One day my Mom got really sick and she went away and never came home. I was so sad at my house all alone, without my mom. Someone came by to feed me and keep my litter box clean, but other than that I was all by myself. My mom didn’t have any friends or relatives willing to take me in, so after years of being a loved family member I found myself homeless. I ended up where a lot of homeless cats and dogs in the area go… to the Clifton Animal Shelter.

The volunteers at the shelter are so nice to me. I’m what they call a “volunteer favorite” which is probably because I’m really very lovable (and cute, too). As you can see, I’m a very handsome cat (but at almost 30 pounds, I’m a bit over my ideal weight). I have gorgeous grey striped fur and when I lay on my back, I look just like a footstool. My friend, Liz, says that my size just means that there’s more of me to love, but that to make sure I don't get sick in the future, I’ll need to lose some weight.

I’ve been to the vet and I’m a healthy 6-year-old boy, plus I’ve already been neutered and I’m up to date on all of my shots. All I need is someone who is willing to help me achieve my weight-loss goals by monitoring my food, so I don’t overeat anymore. I really love toys, so having someone to play with will help me get a little exercise, too.

At the shelter I’ve been doing great with my healthier eating, but with so much time spent in a cage I don’t get much of a chance to exercise, which is why I’m so anxious to get a home ASAP. Maybe you’re looking for a weight-loss buddy, too? I’m happy to be your support cat, if you’re willing to be my support person. What do you say?

Fill out an online adoption application and then come in and meet me! We can size each other up (get it?) to see if we’re a good fit for each other. If you want to see more of me (because who wouldn’t?) you can watch a special video all about me on the Clifton Animal Shelter website. I can’t wait to meet you!

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