Love comes in all sizes… Clifton Animal Shelter Pet of the Week: Brock


Hi, my name is Brock, and between you and me I think the cats at the shelter have been getting all of the attention lately, so I’m glad that a dog is finally getting a shot at being the ‘Pet of the Week.’

I’ve been at the shelter since September of 2021 and the nice people at the shelter are so sad that I haven’t found a home yet, but between you and me I really love it here. Being at the shelter is so much better than where I came from before. I wasn’t treated very well, in fact, when I got here, I arrived as a stray with skin infections and ear infections and it was so great when the shelter people got their doctor to fix me all up. I also had a big scar where there was a collar that imbedded into my neck because the people who had me before never changed my collar since when I was a little puppy. It got so tight and it hurt a lot, the shelter people said that it must have grown right into my neck, but now that it’s off I feel so much better and my shelter friends think that the scar gives me extra character (whatever that means).  

Anyway, at the shelter I’m what the volunteers call a “shelter favorite,” because everyone, and I mean everyone absolutely LOVES me. I’m a total mush and I am eating up all of the attention that I’m getting at the shelter because at the place I used to live, they kept me outside all the time (even when it was snowing, or thundering, or raining, no matter what I was always outside). I didn’t tell the shelter people about my mistreatment (because I'm not one to gossip), but they said they can sort of tell by the wear and tear on my paw pads and all of the scars on my body.

It’s been a rough life, but I am not holding any grudges and I just love absolutely everyone I meet— except for other dogs and cats. I’ve gone my entire three years of life without anyone caring about me, and now that I’m understanding what love is like I don’t want to share the attention with any other dogs or cats. That just means that I need to be the only pet in the house, but I’ll more than make up for it in how much love and appreciation I’ll show for you. 

I’ve been at the shelter for months and months and although I love my friends at the shelter (because they are so nice to me), I know that it will be even better in a house, with a family of my very own. I’m really into Netflix and just need a buddy to sit with on the couch for a bit of binge watching.  

Fill out an online adoption application and then come in and meet me! I think that you’re really going to love me, and I just KNOW that I’m absolutely going to love you! If you want to see more of me (because who wouldn’t?) you can watch a special video all all about on the Clifton Animal Shelter. I can’t wait to meet you!

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