Two Times as Much Love… Clifton Animal Shelter Pets of the Week: Denver & Delilah


Hi my name is Delilah (that's me on the right in the picture), I’m here at the shelter with my best buddy Denver asking for a little bit of help. I’m going to do all the talking because my BFF Denver is a bit shy.

We lived with a whole bunch of other kitty cats in a home with our human family. We thought they loved us, we certainly loved them, but they moved out of town and literally threw all nine of us outside and just drove away. We tried to chase the car, cause we thought it must have been a mistake. Why would they just drive off and put us outside? But they just kept driving and we couldn’t keep up, so we all came back to the house and hid underneath a dumpster that they left on the driveway to wait for them to come back.

They had to be coming back, right? The hours turned to days and we were getting really hungry — we never had to worry about where our next meal was coming from. We started to follow the neighbors around, meowing and begging for food because we were so hungry and we were getting cold and wet and it was just awful. Luckily, one of our neighbors felt sorry for us and called the shelter to let them know about us, and since those shelter ladies are so nice, they came with a special car just to pick us up.

We were warmed up and fed and truthfully, just happy to not be hiding under that dumpster anymore, but we were still sad that our family never came back to get us. All nine of us got checked out by the vet and we are all fixed (whatever that means), and one by one our former roommates left the shelter for new starts with new families (who will never, ever dump them like our old family did).

So, let me tell you about us. I’m pretty friendly, and I probably would have already gotten a home of my own but I can’t leave my buddy Denver behind. He is so scared at the shelter, even though I tell him all the time that there’s nothing to be scared about. When we are together, he is happy, but when we are apart he gets really worried and he doesn’t even want to get picked up or snuggled (and we all know how great that is).

So here’s my dilemma, I give up on my best friend in the whole wide world and get a home on my own, or I wait it out with him until the perfect family comes along that’s willing to take us both together! That’s what Denver and I dream about every single night before we go to sleep.

We’re both really cute tuxedo cats just looking for someone to take a chance on us. What do you say, are you going to be our hero?

Fill out an online adoption application and then come in and meet us! Watch our videos to learn more about me, Delilah, or my best buddy, Denver. We can’t wait to meet you!

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