Looking for Love… Clifton Animal Shelter Pet of the Week: Valentino


Searching for a Home… Valentino

My name is Valentino and I broke the law. Seriously. Hitchhiking is frowned upon, not to mention dangerous, and breaking and entering is definitely illegal, but what other choice did I have? It was Valentine’s Day, it was freezing outside, and I had an injured tail. I needed someplace warm to go and I needed someone to take a look at my tail (because it really hurt), so when I saw an open car door, I made my break.

Luckily, the person who owned the car wasn’t even mad to find me sitting in the passenger seat. Instead, she called the shelter and they came right over to get me (those shelter people are really nice that way). Once I got to the shelter, they had the doctor check out my sore tail, I got a few shots (ouch), and some medicine (yuck) and best of all they gave me a warm place to sleep and all the food I could want.

Everyone thinks that I used to be someone’s cat because I am so friendly. They aren’t sure if I got lost or I got dumped, and I’m certainly not going to tell (I like being a man of mystery), but now that I’m all better, I’m ready to move out of the shelter and into a home of my own.

So, let me tell you a little bit more about myself (besides that little breaking and entering car episode).

The nice people at the shelter named me Valentino because:

  1. I’m a lover boy
  2. I was rescued on Valentine’s Day (clever, right?)

As you can see, I’m very cute, not a bit modest, but very, very cute. I’m about a year old, and I’m a long and lean sort of guy. I’ve had all my shots and I’ve been fixed (not fun), so I won’t need to visit the vet again anytime soon (thank goodness). I have soft grey fur, pretty tiger stripes, a white belly just made for belly rubs, and gorgeous green eyes. Come in close to me and I’m going to come in for a kiss—no really, I am.

As much as it’s way better in the shelter than it was trying to survive outside, what I want most of all is to be a part of a family, with cozy places to sleep, a few toys of my very own, and lots of windows to look out (I really miss looking outside). All I need to make my dream come true…is you!

Fill out an online adoption application and then come in and meet me! You definitely won’t be disappointed and I might end up getting a ride in your car…on my way home with you! You can see some more pictures and even a video all about me on the Clifton Animal Shelter website. I can’t wait to meet you!

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