Looking for Love… Clifton Animal Shelter Pet of the Week: Alexa


Hi, my name is Alexa! Even though I’m only a little over a year old myself, I’ve already been a Mom. It was rough living outside and it was so very cold out. I ended up having a litter of six kittens (whew, that’s a lot of kittens), but luckily someone found us when my babies were only two weeks old. And, it's a good thing because I wasn't sure we would have made it through the winter.

They took us all to stay at this place called a foster home, where I was able to get regular food, and take care of my babies without worrying about us all freezing to death. About my babies… my foster mom gave them such cute names: Dot, Echo, Kindle, Apple, Ziggy, and Siri, and they got big and strong and they all have found new homes (I miss them, but I know they are getting lots of love).

I’m kind of sad though, because so far, no one has wanted to adopt me. My friends at the shelter say that some people think black cats are bad luck — but that’s not definitely not true, how could a cute little cat like me be bad luck!?

Let me tell you a little bit more about myself. I’m kind of small (only around 7 pounds) and I have super soft and shiny black fur. I LOVE people and I purr like crazy when I get some attention. Once we become friends, I’ll roll over on my back for belly rubs (those are always lots of fun). I love mouse toys, and will carry my stuffed mouse around in my mouth for the longest time. If I’m feeling really happy, I do this cute little dance with my front paws that makes my human friends at the shelter laugh.

I kind of like the other cats here at the shelter, so I would probably be happy to have a kitty cat friend to hang with. I’ve had all of my shots (ouch, those hurt) and I’ve been spayed so I won’t have to have any more kittens (they’re a lot of work, you know).

My shelter friends are so nice to me, but it’s not like having a home of my own with cozy spots to curl up and sleep, and a friendly lap to sit in and catch up on the latest Netflix shows. Are you looking for a new friend? Fill out an online adoption application and then come in and meet me! I bet we will become best buddies! You can see some more pictures and even a video all about me on the Clifton Animal Shelter website.

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