Spook-tacular Blood-Red Wines for Halloween


Halloween is just for children, right? It’s a time for dressing up as a princess, superhero or ghoul and going door-to-door in pursuit of all the candy your plastic pumpkin can hold.

But in recent years, something has happened to Halloween and it’s not just for kids anymore. In fact some would say that Halloween has been hijacked by adults. And the data supports it! According to DDB Worldwide, 13% of Americans between the ages of 18-44 claim that Halloween is their favorite holiday, helping to turn this once kid-focused day into an $8 billion a year industry for young and old alike!

Adults are getting dressed up, we are going to Halloween parties and we are definitely in the Halloween spirit. So, if you’re hosting a Halloween party for adults, the right wines can help maintain the spooky mood for the night. And, if you’ve been invited to attend a Halloween bash, gifting your host of hostess with a Halloween-worthy wine tells them you’re more than just a great guest…you’re a great guest who knows how to choose the perfect wine.

We’ve pulled together a few bloody good reds for adding the perfect spirit to your Halloween festivities, every one of them is available at Shopper’s Vineyard on Bloomfield Avenue in Clifton. Read on…if you dare:

Fright Night - $9.99

Why You’ll Love It: Apart from the Halloween-perfect skeleton on the label, this entry-level red blend is available for under $10 a bottle, making it great for stocking up as your Halloween house wine for your big party.

Spellbound Petite Sirah - $11.95

Why You’ll Love It: Full bodied, highly drinkable, superbly consistent. It’s one of those wines you can count on to deliver each and every year and it does.

The Offering - SALE: $27.95

Why You’ll Love It: A serious wine, for serious wine drinkers, this blend of Grenache, Mourvedre, Syrah and Viognier from California is medium-bodied with good fruit intensity and a long finish.

Eternally Silenced - SALE: $44.99

Why You’ll Love It: If you are a wine lover, or buying a bottle for one, this is the wine to buy. The bottle, the label, the wine, everything about this Californian Pinot Noir is a ‘wow.” Word to the wise… encased in heavy black wax, figuring out how to open this bottle is not for amateurs.

There are dozens of wines with spooky names or scary labels that still frightfully good enough to please the palates of vampires, ghouls, werewolves… and the rest of your friends, too. Looking for more wine recommendations, feel free to reach out @ KimARenta@gmail.com! Happy Halloween!

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