Visit Kamil's Lebanese Restaurant & Hookah Lounge for a Taste of Middle Eastern Culture


Most Cliftonites will agree, that one of the things that makes Clifton so special is our diversity. And, one of the benefits of that diversity can be found in the assortment of unique restaurants available for us to enjoy any time we choose.

One place that’s been delighting Clifton residents for more than 20 years is Kamil’s Lebanese Cuisine and Hookah Lounge on Main Avenue. There’s something for everyone at this legendary restaurant, offering both an indoor dining room, as well as an expansive outdoor dining place that is open virtually all year long.

Kamil’s is a place for leisurely meals with friends and family. Although they have a wide assortment of traditional Lebanese entrees from Lamb Chops to Shish Tawook (grilled marinated cubes of skewered chicken), you’ll find many patrons prefer ordering an assortment of appetizer and entrees to share amongst the table, family style.

For starters you won’t want to miss:

Lebneh — A delicious yogurt spread with dry mint and olive oil, served with warm pita bread.

Warm Spinach Pie — Dough stuffed with spinach, onions, salt, lemon and baked to perfection.

Arabic Salad — Diced tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, parsley and dry mint.

Mouth-watering Main Courses include:

Kamil’s Mix Grill — This perfect-for-sharing platter includes grilled lamb chops, kufia, shish filet mignon, chicken kebab and grilled vegetables — a great way to sample a variety of Kamil’s favorites.

Falafel Sandwich — If you love falafel (and who doesn’t?), you’ll love it even more served inside a pita brea with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and tahini sauce.

If you really want to immerse in the Lebanese culture you can try hookah in the outdoor dining area at Kamils. Hookah is a type of water pipe, attached to flavored tobacco burning in a small bowl — flavors include watermelon, mint, grape, blue mist, lemon, orange, and more. The smoke travels through a water chamber and along a rubber hose to a mouthpiece. Smokers inhale through the mouthpiece — as an added sanitary measure, each smoker receives their own disposable mouthpiece. Some might not wish to partake in hookah smoking, but watching it done around you enhances the exotic nature of the dining experience, and the outside setting and multitude of ceiling fans helps prevent the smoke from being bothersome for non-smokers.

Kamil’s is very popular and parking can sometimes be an issue, but it’s an affordable, tasty, dining option and definitely worth a try. Open for lunch, dinner, private parties, and takeout, visit their website to place an online takeout order at

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