Cleanup From Flooding Continues at Clifton's School 16


Several of Clifton’s schools sustained damages in the unprecedented flooding seen in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida.  Schools 12, 16, 17, CCMS, and CELA B were all flood damaged but the swift cleanup allowed for reopening within days.  School 16 however has remained closed since September 2nd  due to the extensive flooding throughout the building. Students of School 16 have been on remote instruction as cleanup efforts continue.

Dr. Robertozzi gave an update on the status of cleanup at School 16 at the Board of Education meeting on 9/23, detailing some of the significant damage to the school as evidenced by the two large dumpsters in the school’s parking lot.  To date, all damaged ceiling tiles, classroom and hallway floors throughout the building have been replaced. The building was power washed and walls have been repainted, Univents have been cleaned and filters changed.  Still to be done include replacing the gym floor and completing an air quality test.  A temporary boiler will be in place by October 16th until a new one can be installed.

Robertozzi has indicated that the District’s insurance should replace all items lost or damaged in the flooding. The policy has a $50,000 deductible per building and a maximum $5 million dollar payout for the district; FEMA funds can be used to help offset the insurance deductible. When asked if School 16 teachers will need donations from residents for damaged school supplies, Robertozzi indicated that everything the teachers need would be replaced by the District.

Robertozzi and Board President Jim Smith thanked the staff for their hard work in storm cleanup and the effort to reopen schools. The district announced that Eddie Maldonado, Supervisor of Maintenance was nominated to the New Jersey Association of School Business Officials as an unsung hero for the district; the award recognizes an employee who went above and beyond in reopening schools after Hurricane Ida.

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