CHS Celebrates School Spirit and Kindness


Though the days only seem to get more frigid, icy, and dark, Clifton High School has brightened up its campus with the “Great Kindness Challenge,” a fun-packed and activity-filled week with different challenges to show kindness to other students and staff. The challenge also gave students a chance to show off their school spirit and unity as a student body to the Clifton community.

To start each day, quotes from poets, prophets, philosophers, etc. about kindness and general wisdom were shared, along with an activity that was followed by a spirit dress-down event. Monday’s events started with a quote from Buddha about using your words carefully to spread genuine kindness and continued with a kindness checklist, with items such as “Write thank you notes for small things” or “Leave a treat for the mailman.” Monday was also the first dress-down day and students and staff were invited to “team up for kindness” by wearing a favorite sports jersey.

For the second day of the Kindness Challenge, students and staff were given a quote by revered civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The activity was to create and send thank you cards for staff members or friends. Many students used their creativity to make beautifully hand-crafted cards filled with heartwarming notes to send to past teachers, best friends, and the like.

As Wednesday rolled around, the activity was to be kind and respect each other with a text to a special person you haven’t seen in a while, with a quote from Aesop. Many students around campus were excitedly reconnecting with loved ones and friends during passing and lunch periods.

On Thursday, Mother Theresa's quote about peace inspired the second spirit challenge of the week: wear tie-dye clothing, which was a famous representation of peace for the rebellious youth back in the seventies. Many people arrived at school in their best tie-dye apparel.

As the final day of the great Kindness Challenge rolled around, students and staff were tasked with complimenting or saying hello to five people, along with the final spirit challenge of wearing Mustang clothing to show pride for the school’s mascot.

Though our world is in a lot of turmoil, with crisis after crisis in and out of the Clifton community, Clifton High School’s continued efforts to spread kindness and school spirit set a precedent to see the light after the dark tunnel of times. Though this kindness challenge won’t turn the world right side up and solve every problem in the community, this gesture from the CHS staff was truly the greatest kindness to our community.

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