Celebrating Your Love Story


Valentine's Day, celebrated on February 14th every year, is a day dedicated to expressing love and affection towards those who hold a special place in our hearts. While often associated with romantic love, Valentine's Day is the perfect time to celebrate all types of loving relationships - even if it is mostly a manufactured "holiday." Sometimes we need that little reminder to stop and pay attention to the ones we love most.

To that end, The Clifton Times invites you to share YOUR special story - whether it be with a new romantic partner, a spouse, your children, or even a message of love to yourself! Recognizing and appreciating oneself is important, too, after all.

There are three styles to choose from:

#1: Small photo over flower petals with script names and the title of a special song or a special date. This will appear side-by-side with another small ad. Cost: $5

#2: Small photo in a heart shape with script names and up to 20 words. This will appear side-by-side with another small ad. Cost: $5

#3: Large format, featuring your photo in a heart with clouds and floating hearts in the background. Includes names and up to three full lines of text. This option will take the entire width of the page, as shown. Cost: $10


Send one good-quality photo to thecliftontimes@gmail.com. Include which version you would like, the names to include, and any text. Please be sure you stick to the text guidelines for the style you choose. Visit The Clifton Times and click on the "support" button to make your one-time donation of either $5 or $10. Be sure to choose the "one time" option.

We can't wait to see your beautiful photos and read all of your love notes! The deadline for submissions is Sunday, February 11th, so don't delay!

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