Pet of the Week - Meet Washington!


Washington is a happy little male guinea pig looking for his furever home through the Clifton Animal Shelter. His original owner went away to college and her Dad doesn’t have time to take care of this fuzzy fellow. Washington is a short haired guinea pig with black, brown and chocolate/white markings. Adopters will get a cage with this very friendly fellow. Check out Washington's Petfinder profile for more details.

Guinea pigs make great pets!  In addition to having charming personalities and being great fun to watch, they are quite low-maintenance and cost-effective to care for.  They are very social animals, and prefer to live in groups.  In the wild, they live in herds forming close-knit social groups.  As such, experts highly recommend keeping guinea pigs in pairs or small groups to ensure their emotional well-being.  A solitary guinea pig may experience stress and loneliness which can lead to health problems.  For more on the care of guinea pigs please see HERE.

If you think Washington would be a perfect addition to your family, please fill out the adoption application at the Clifton Animal Shelter and someone will contact you to discuss and answer any questions that you may have, and to set up a time to come in to meet them. The shelter does this to ensure that the environment is calm and conducive to having potential adopters get a good sense of the personality of the companion animal, and so they aren’t subjecting them to unnecessary stress. The shelter is located in the City Hall Complex at 900 Clifton Avenue in Clifton.

If you are not yet ready to adopt, fostering is a great way to help the Clifton Shelter. Adoptions slow down during the holiday season, and fostering a pet in your home can reduce their stress and help prepare them to be adopted, as well as help the shelter learn more about the kind of homes they would need to thrive. It is also a wonderful way to get lots of cuddles to keep warm over the winter months. You can also support the Clifton Animal Shelter by donating via their PayPal link or by donating supplies to them from their wishlists (Chewy or Amazon).

Please consider making Washington a permanent part of your family this holiday season! The shelter has many wonderful pets in need, ready to bring lots of love and joy to your home. Check out their page on Petfinder to see their sweet faces. 

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