Christmas Decor Lights Up the Night in Clifton


On Facebook, people have been chatting for weeks about where to see fantastic light and decoration displays. As happened around Halloween, there were several recommendations for Martin Avenue, where some neighbors really dedicate themselves to brightening the dark winter skies for both Halloween and Christmas. A small cluster of houses there have their section of Martin lit up like the Vegas strip. If you haven't seen it yet, you should take a ride over.

Dr. Wayne Gangi, the Clifton dentist who is perhaps best known for his over-the-top displays, made a bright and beautiful comeback after a disappointing Halloween. According to several sources, Gangi's Halloween display was vandalized in early October and he took the elaborate display down. In its place he put out a large sign reading, "Vandalism ended Halloween."

Situated on the corner of Grove Street and Robin Hood Road, Gangi's corner lot acts as a sprawling canvas for his holiday decorations. Not content to be limited by the size of his lawn, Gangi uses his property's trees and even the roof of his house to host some of the hundreds of lights, ornaments, and other decor that turn his home into a spectacle.

In addition to the expected trees of lights, snowmen, and candy canes, Gangi's yard is home to a whole menagerie of brilliantly powered creatures - flamingos, a zebra, a lion, and more. Many of the colorful creatures are animated, waving, nodding, or swishing a tail.

If you know of another street that the community should check out, please tell us about it in a comment. 

The Clifton Times hopes that your Christmas is as bright and joyful as displays like Gangi's!

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