Santa Claus is Coming to Town - With a High-Tech Twist in the Works


For more than half a century Clifton has been graced with a much-anticipated Christmas Eve tradition - Santa's ride through the city on Christmas Eve. Santa, along with a small handful of helpers, rides through the city on a decorated float with sirens, lights, and Christmas music spreading holiday cheer. For many Clifton residents, this is a tradition that they grew up with and are now sharing with their own children or grandchildren. For newcomers to our city, this year's ride could be the start of an exciting new tradition.

This year we are expecting a special technological addition that will help the community to track Santa's travels. Check The Clifton Times daily for the exciting update!

It takes many hours to cover the sprawling city as the float visits most of our many streets (narrow or dead-end roads are not possible for the float to navigate) and typically, they plan for only one stop all night. To cover Clifton's 11.4 square miles in one evening, the float and accompanying vehicles have to move at a brisk pace so listen for the music and sirens if you want to catch a glimpse before Santa "ho ho ho's" out of sight!

In previous years, former mayor James Anzaldi had shared the general route the volunteers take to help everyone plan their evening and know when to be on the lookout. So use this guide, follow along on Clifton News and Community where neighbors will be updating a post to track Santa's movements, keep your ears open, and good luck with your own Santa sighting!

Santa's Ride:

The Santa float on Christmas Eve begins around 3 PM from E. 7th St. (the DPW garage).

He proceeds to Lakeview Avenue, then to Hamilton Avenue towards the Botany section. He then heads to Clifton Center towards the Dutch Hill section.

Santa then completes the entire Clifton Center section through the area of Luddington Avenue.

He proceeds to Clifton Avenue towards Colfax and then goes to the Oakridge section off of the Clifton extension and heads back for the only stop at City Hall.

From there Santa proceeds to the Athenia section and then towards Rosemawr/Delawanna.

Following that he goes towards the Knollwood Development and after that, the Allwood and Richfield sections.

Santa then goes to Broad Street towards Montclair Heights.

Following Montclair Heights, he goes to Maple Valley towards the Albion section and does the entire section from Van Houten to the Paterson line.

Then he heads to Hazel Road to the Middle Village/West Lakeview area and then to the Piaget Avenue area back to Lakeview and all the streets off of Lakeview Avenue to East 1st.

Finally, Santa and the other volunteers proceed back to the city garage to end the night.

Please keep in mind that Santa will not be able to come down smaller streets without sufficient room to maneuver the long trucks and float. If you live on such a street, or a dead-end, and want to catch the float as it passes by, make plans to be near a wider road when Santa is getting close. Remember that these are all volunteers, giving up many hours of their Christmas Eve to bring a little magic to the city, and they do the best they can to get to everyone.

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