Don't Leaf Them in the Street - Leaf Collection Guidelines


Aptly named, the fall season has brought with it expected cooling temperatures, shorter days, and plenty of dead leaves that have fallen from their branches as the city prepares for winter. Although decaying leaves offer some benefits to local animals and the soil as they decompose, they are also a threat to our sewers, which can become clogged and slow the draining of rainwater. The city of Clifton has issued a reminder regarding the guidelines for leaf collection:

All leaves must be placed in biodegradable paper bags (available at home improvement and hardware stores and possibly some other places) or open containers like trash barrels without lids. Containers must not exceed 35 gallons.

Place these bags or containers on the curb the night before pick-up - which is Wednesdays for everyone - after 6 pm. Leaves will be collected once a week along with other vegetative waste. You can see the full recycling guide HERE.

Landscapers are required to remove all leaves from their customers' properties and have been notified of such by the city.

Homeowners may not leave piles of leaves in the street or on the curb or put them in plastic bags. Leaves left like this will not be collected. Please ensure that your leaves are properly stored and left for the city to pick up on Wednesdays.

Collection ends on December 27 and will resume on March 20.

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