Halloween in Clifton - Frightful or Fabulous?


Image/Jessica Nieves and her impressive Martin Avenue house.

Every year there is a collective, "Where are the trick-or-treaters?" from some neighborhoods as eager residents await the doorbell with bowls full of candy. Some areas have a low number of school-aged children, which could account for their scarcity on Halloween. Some areas really go all-in on the decorating, which could be drawing crowds away from their local neighborhoods. That is definitely the case on Martin Avenue, where some residents reportedly had nearly 1,000 costumed visitors!

We do this every year with lots of love and hard work put into it and we love meeting people who love horror movies as we do. We began this journey of Halloween decor for our love of these horror movies, little did we know that our display made hundreds of kids, teens, and adults visit us. We are eternally grateful with a huge thank you for all the love and support. - 49 Martin Ave.

While traditionally a children's holiday, in some cases it's a family affair, with everyone joining in on a theme. The Delos Santos’ annual Halloween family photos were taken at home and at Morris Canal Park & Nature Preserve on Broad Street:

The Calderons also got in on the family theme, dressing as the Spiderman family.

A family of a different type, check out how the Clifton Public Schools' administration building came to work on Tuesday!

Parents of multiple children know that siblings don't always get along; sometimes it seems that all they do is fight. But on Halloween, some of them put their differences aside and pair up for matching costumes, like these ten-year-old twins, Bradley and Paisley:

Four-legged companions made their own mark this Halloween, with dogs - and one uncertain cat - donning costumes for the day. Michelle Petrasek said of her feline friend, "Grover enjoyed spending his Halloween watching trick-or-treaters from the window (in costume) & promptly running for his life every time the doorbell rang!"

Children of all ages got dressed up in costumes ranging from the sweet and silly to the seriously spooky, all in the name of Halloween fun! Three-year-old Kennedy managed to be all of the above, grinning happily as the typically morose Wednesday Addams:

You're never too young to enjoy this holiday, as Kristina's nine-week-old baby demonstrates:

Please check out the photo gallery below to see more of the Clifton costumed. If you're hoping to ramp up your Halloween game for next October 31st, you have nearly a full year - so get started!

Thank you for sharing your photos with us, Clifton!

Adam and big sister Nora take a rest to count their candy.
Leah aka Bingo ready to start trick or treating.
Lola's in a bit of a pickle - but that's ok, it's her costume!
1.5 year-old Brielle dressed as Doc McStuffins this year!
Check out this handmade Oogie Boogie costume! On the right side is little Jack Skellington.
One of the DeSimone kids is a little young to know about Halloween, but he's rocking a Nightmare Before Christmas outfit! Big sister Rosalie and big brother Henry are dressed and ready for fun.
I'm betting that these spooky schoolgirls are a lot nicer than their costumes would suggest.
Mark Gengaro and Chewie, the district's therapy dog, visited a classroom. No candy for pups, Chewie!
Jana Krawiec is cosplaying with her pup...I wonder if there are 100 more somewhere?
Paw Patrol Gang along with the small pups.
Brody is two years old and OBSESSED with fire fighters, fire trucks, and visiting the Clifton Fire station on Main Avenue each morning.
"Are we really dinosaur brothers?"
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