Clifton Family "Feuds" for Fun and Prizes - Airing Tonight


Tune in to Channel 9 tonight - Tuesday, October 24 - at 7 pm to see a Clifton family compete on the full-of-laughs game show, Family Feud with host Steve Harvey!

The Judeh family - Asad, brothers Jad and Rami, and sister Suhair, along with her husband Tarek Alnatur - all live in Clifton and are making a second run at the big prize. They competed for the first time 12 years ago, following a live audition in Atlantic City. Asad said that they “had a great time but didn’t win” on that show.

Game rules say that contestants cannot make a second appearance until at least ten years have elapsed and when they did, the show reached out to the Judeh family to see if they were interested in returning. They were and, because this fell during Covid lockdowns, they auditioned for the second time via Zoom.

Asad said that the show looks for families with lots of enthusiasm and high energy and that this is much more important than providing the best answers. They were told to always cheer and applaud when a team member gives an answer, no matter how silly it may be, so they practiced shouting “Good answer!” when ordering their bagels on their way to auditions.

Suhair was nine months pregnant during their first appearance and now that child is old enough to watch the show when it airs tonight. Asad said that everyone who works on the show was “super nice and helpful” and they went out of their way to make sure that Suhair was comfortable and taken care of.

Nobody, not even Asad’s wife, knows the outcome of the show taped earlier this year. The Grand Prize is $20,000 and Asad said that his family planned to donate the winnings - if they won - to a charity or other good cause.

Make sure to tune in to cheer for this Clifton family tonight!

Statement from the Palestinian American Community Center in Clifton:

"The Judeh family, a Palestinian American family from our local vibrant community, is set to make their mark on national television as they appear tonight on the popular game show, Family Feud. This captivating episode promises to highlight the rich tapestry of Palestinian American culture and their unwavering connection to their roots.

It has been a difficult two weeks for Palestinians everywhere. This family represents the heart and soul of our local Palestinian-American community, displaying their cultural pride and maintaining a deep connection to their Palestinian roots. Their participation in Family Feud is a testament to the inclusivity and diversity that makes our community so special."

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