Clifton High School Hosts Another Successful Open House


Clifton High School, located at 333 Colfax Avenue, hosted an open house on Tuesday, October 10 from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. Clifton High School hosts an open house typically on a biannual basis where parents and prospective high school students have an opportunity to look around the building as well as be introduced to the numerous clubs and sports CHS has to offer.

At around 5:45 p.m., the doors of CHS opened, welcoming a great number of families who were ushered into the John F. Kennedy auditorium for a thirty-minute introduction. Principal Hamdeh gave a brief speech, summarizing the countless positives of CHS, and stressing the plentiful opportunities CHS can guarantee. With about 65 clubs, 23 varsity sports, and multiple career-aligned academies, CHS has something for everybody. The diversity of students and variety of different interests gives everyone a chance to fit into a crowd at CHS. It was also emphasized how even though CHS has a very large student body, composed of about 3,000 students, each student is looked out for due to a small student-to-counselor ratio. The CHS Marching Band ended this part of the evening with an exciting, high-stepping entrance from the rear of the auditorium.

As families exited the JFK auditorium, they were welcomed into the CHS hallways; allowed to explore the first floors of the north, central, south, east, and L wings, where both of the gyms and media center are located. The CHS band also continued to play throughout the main hallway as families took in the many displays. In the L wing, the MCJROTC, Teen Center, C.A.S.T., and the visual arts were represented, offering information about each individual program. The visual arts table featured ceramic sculptures, 3D-printed artifacts from the Makerspace club, and brochures with more information.

The lower gym consisted of a plethora of tables surrounding the perimeter of the gym; the tables spread with presentations from each individual club and sport at CHS. Each table offered an insight into what that club does and its purpose, and visitors were able to interact with members and supervisors of each club and sport. The clubs represented in the lower gym included the Pre-Med club, the Clifton Student Union, the Girls Learn International club, Student Council, National Honor Society, Academic Decathlon, and the Diversity Club. The sports represented include Girls’ Lacrosse, Boys’ and Girls’ Volleyball, Cheer, Girls’ Softball, and Baseball.

As 7:30 p.m. approached, crowds of families began to disperse as the event was coming to an end. The open house was a success as the talents and abilities of current CHS students were clearly illustrated, from the stellar band performance to the commitment of club members attending the open house in order to share their passions and experiences about each club to younger students. As always, “It’s a great day to be a Mustang!”

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