VEG Clifton Opens New, Bigger Facility


The moment you enter the doors of Clifton’s new VEG hospital, you know you’re someplace special. There is no separate waiting room with hidden-away doctors and exam rooms. Instead, you walk right into the action - the check-in desk and exam tables occupy the same large, open space.

When you walk in, you're greeted by a friendly receptionist in the large, open space where you can see exactly what's happening..

Founded by Dr. David Bessler in 2014, Veterinary Emergency Group (VEG), with more than 50 locations nationwide, operates under its unique philosophy of highlighting emergency care. It’s what the doctors are passionate about and emergency care is all they do. The Clifton location, which moved to a larger space next to its original one just last week, is one of the busiest in the country.

The VEG Clifton is a R.O.V.E.R. - a Radically Open Veterinary Emergency Room and the first of its kind in the northeast. Doctors, nurses, and other staff all work in the same open space. Exam tables, medical equipment, and cages are all instantly visible when you walk in, allowing families to stay with their animals and see what’s happening through every step of the process. Pet parents who aren’t comfortable watching can wait in a sitting area if they prefer. Medical Director Inbal Futterman said that all patients see a doctor within 90 seconds of checking in for an initial intake evaluation. It’s part of their philosophy of doing everything they can to make the experience comforting and transparent.

Doctors and nurses work in the same open room where animals are seen and treated, providing unparalleled transparency.

Staff support is a key part of VEG’s mission. Their staff are offered flexible working schedules, napping hammocks for shifts when activity is low, and unlimited funding for continuing education. Various activities and stress-relieving offerings help to ensure a happy and healthy workforce.

Another unique feature of VEG Clifton is its visiting hours. There are none. Futterman said, with obvious pride, that VEG is open 24/7, even on holidays, and families can come and go as they please if their companion animal needs to stay for an extended visit. Remarkable to this new location is their family rooms, where pet parents can actually spend the night on a pull-out bed if they want to stay by their animal’s side all night. VEG has five such rooms for families wishing to use them. There is also a special, quiet room for families who need to say their final goodbyes to a beloved pet.

VEG Clifton has all of the equipment needed to handle an emergency - x-ray, ultrasound, an operating room, bloodwork lab, and medication are all on-site. They have extra large cages for large breed dogs so that they have room to stand without feeling cramped and a separate room for cats if the noise of the main room is overwhelming for them.

This little cutie sometimes comes to work with her human companion!
A post-surgery pup recovers under the watchful eyes of doctors and nurses who all work in the same room.

Like humans, it’s important that our animal companions have a regular doctor and receive check-ups and scheduled vaccinations. VEG does not serve this purpose but when your animal has eaten something it shouldn’t have or is exhibiting signs of distress or injury and you need someone to take a look right away, that’s what VEG is there to handle. Call ahead or just walk in; they are 100% emergency, all the time. VEG Clifton is located at 790 Route 3, Unit 1. They are accessible via Route 3 or from Allwood Road.

“When a pet parent walks into VEG Clifton, they will immediately feel they have finally found a place that will provide their family and pet the best emergency veterinary experience that exists,” said Dr. David Bessler, VEG founder and CEO. “Upon entering VEG Clifton, pet parents will feel a sigh of relief and comfort, as they are greeted with a friendly smile, empathetic attitude, and luxury comforts for them, and their pet.”

Grand Opening on Wednesday, September 20th.
The VEG philosophy
State-of-the-art operating theater with a large window for viewing, if desired.
A well-stocked and organized supply room ensures that anything that might be needed is just steps away.
Comfortable cages for large-breed dogs
There is a comfortable seating area and a coffee bar for pet parents, in addition to private rooms where families can stay with their animals.
Inbal Futterman, Medical Director of VEG Clifton.
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