Clifton Times Pets of the Week: Meet Romeo and Buddha!


Meet Romeo and Buddha! These two bonded senior male lap dogs (a terrier mix and a Shih Tzu) are looking for a new home together through Rosemarie's Rescue Ranch. They are up to date on their vaccinations, have been vetted and groomed, and are now looking for their forever homes. They can be separated, but the rescue would like to keep them together because they take very good care of one another and have seen one another through a lot. They are leash trained, crate trained, and do not require a home with a backyard or fence. They love everyone - dogs, cats, and people of all ages. Romeo’s adoption profile is HERE and Buddha’s is HERE.

Romeo and Buddha were severely neglected by a previous owner who wasn’t able to groom them, and their matting became so bad that they must have been in significant discomfort. But even that didn’t affect their sweet temperaments! Once they were groomed and their mats came off, their personalities began to shine through - they're spunky and sweet, and they love walks (Romeo can even walk on his front paws when he pees!). They want nothing more than to snuggle up on your lap and grab a quick lap nap. Often people want to adopt puppies, but if you’re looking for low-maintenance, easy-going dogs who are already trained, seniors are perfect for your family.

Romeo is always looking to be up on your lap getting cuddles!
He may not be a very big watchdog, but he promises to make sure that only good things come to your home
Look at that face! Romeo seeks his Juliette, but without the poison or daggers, please.

Romeo and Buddha are a reminder of how important it is to keep your dogs well groomed. When they came to Rosemarie’s Rescue, these sweet boys were so matted that they couldn’t move comfortably. Matting is a condition in your dog's fur caused by dense tangles and knots. It's a painful condition that can lead to other health concerns such as infections or skin irritations and can also mask other health issues or parasites. Some dogs have coats that are higher maintenance and more vulnerable to matting, such as Poodles, Doodles, Cocker Spaniels, Bichon, Shih Tzuhs, and any variation of these breeds. 

Buddha is a calm and gentle soul, who just wants to snuggle with you.
Buddha is ready for his close-up!
Buddha and Romeo before being groomed. Those are a lot of very uncomfortable mats, but they still greeted everyone with love!

If you think that Romeo and Buddha might be a good fit for your family, Rosemarie’s Rescue Ranch has a Foster to Adopt Option that is a great way to experience adding a new family member, without making a lifetime commitment first. The minimum commitment is just two weeks. Fosters always get first dibs to adopt within these two weeks but are not required to. All supplies, including a loaner crate, harness, food, etc are provided by the rescue, along with 24/7 support from a personal liaison who can help you with any questions you might have as you adjust to one another. No pressure, no second thoughts, the Foster to Adopt Option allows you to just enjoy your time together and see if the chemistry is right and if this pet is a fit for your family. The Clifton Times did a feature on Rosemarie's Rescue Ranch and their founder Susan Janett, and their foster-to-adopt program, with more details HERE.

All applications can be found at You can also donate to Rosemarie’s Rescue Ranch to help vet, transport, and support the lovely dogs like Romeo and Buddha as they get a second chance at life. Rosemarie’s Rescue Ranch also has a resale shop in Verona, which raises funds for the rescue.

Please consider adding Romeo and Buddha to your home! Rosemarie’s Rescue Ranch has many wonderful dogs in need of homes, ready to bring lots of love and joy to your home. Check out their page on Petfinder to see their sweet faces.

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