The Passaic County Fair, in Photos


All photos by Rachel Castelino and Tova Felder.

The Passaic County Fair was off to a soggy start on opening day with rain forcing a postponement of the opening ceremony. Friday showed up with perfect, beautiful weather though, making up for the wet conditions the day before. Parking was remarkably easy; just $5 (cash only) to park in one of the two designated lots on Rifle Camp Road and then a fleet of shuttle buses were waiting to transport everyone from there to the fairgrounds. Note that the shuttles back to the parking lots are on the opposite side of the fair from drop-off...behind the axe-throwing and game booths.

Entry to the fair is free but you will need to pass through a bag check and metal detection wands before going in. See our story HERE for more information on the fair, scheduled performances, and parking details.

Big construction vehicles were on site, ready for kids to touch and even climb on.
Lokai Rose is dedicated to rescuing wild animals with medical needs. We met a nice snake and learned how to spot venomous ones.
Councilwoman Rosemary Pino was there, promoting her bid for the County Clerk seat in November's election.
This grey goose is not for drinking! It had a word with a cute sheep.
A sweet little goat waited for a nuzzle pet.
This white rabbit didn't seem to want to be touched but it was happy to let me take its picture.
It wouldn't be a fair without a ton of wonderful foods!
We had to find out what a "tornado potato" was. This is it. It was yummy.
Small but mighty, thrill-seekers enjoyed this gentle roller coaster.
There were many rides and their lights looked so pretty once the sun set.
You spin me right 'round, baby, right 'round...this one is not for the faint of heart!

This year, the fair's portable toilets were supplemented with the brand-new restroom station, right by the main entrance. Pretty green tile and push-button sinks made for some nicely appointed (and very clean) restrooms in the middle of the park. There were three options - women, men, and anybody of any gender. 

The Passaic County Fair has something for everyone, including many games, live performances, and a fireworks show (tonight only). Go out and catch it before it's gone and see more photos in the gallery below.

Sarah Vivanco's girls had "a blast" at the fair.
Two hands means that you can enjoy more fair foods!
It's not a fair until you've had a hot, delicious funnel cake!
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