City Picnic and Fireworks Display to Celebrate Independence Day


On July 4, 1776, the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, penned by Thomas Jefferson. This historic document proclaimed the American colonies' autonomy and outlined the fundamental principles of liberty, equality, and justice. The Fourth of July symbolizes the birth of a nation founded on these enduring ideals, marking the beginning of a journey toward freedom and self-governance.

Across the United States, and here in Clifton, communities come alive with family gatherings,  barbecues, and fireworks displays. Red, white, and blue decorations adorn homes, streets, and public spaces as a symbol of national pride. The American flag, with its stars and stripes, proudly waves, reminding everyone of the sacrifices made by previous generations to secure the freedoms enjoyed today.

The city has a full day of picnicking and fireworks planned for Sunday, July 2nd with rain dates scheduled for both events. The forecast for Sunday currently indicates a high likelihood of rain so please take note of the listed rain dates.

Please remember, if you intend to enjoy your own fireworks at home, that only handheld or ground displays (non-aerials) are legal for private use in New Jersey. Be mindful of safety precautions, as even sparklers can generate dangerous and fire-starting temperatures. Finally, be a good neighbor - keep fireworks away from anything flammable, and do not set them off once quiet hours are in effect at 10 pm. 

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