United We Stand: Celebrating Flag Day, Honoring the Symbol of Unity and Patriotism


June 14th is Flag Day, a commemoration of the adoption of the national flag in 1777 and the values it represents. This annual observance serves as a reminder of the nation's history, unity, and the principles upon which it was founded.

The Stars and Stripes, as the American flag is affectionately known, has been a symbol of freedom, resilience, and hope for over two centuries. It represents the ideals of liberty, justice, and equality that the United States holds dear. Flag Day serves as an occasion to honor and pay tribute to this enduring emblem and the sacrifices made by countless individuals to protect and preserve the nation's values.

"Old Glory stands for hope, pride, and progress," President Joe Biden said in this year's resolution. "It is stamped on our exports, hung from booming factories, and painted on spacecraft that travel high above our skies — a symbol of the American spirit that keeps innovating, building, and breaking boundaries. It waves for justice and equality. It adorns courtrooms and classrooms. And it presides over free and fair elections at polling places across the Nation, reinforcing the promise of our democracy."

Typically, Clifton’s impressive Avenue of Flags would wave in fields of red, white, and blue across City Hall property in honor of the day. This year, anticipated inclement weather means that the flags will not go up. In schools, children may learn about the flag's history and significance and many people display the flag at their homes or businesses.

Flag retirement ceremonies are often an important aspect of Flag Day celebrations. These ceremonies provide an opportunity to properly retire old, worn-out flags in a dignified manner. The retirement process involves a solemn burning ceremony, often conducted by veterans or scout troops, ensuring that the retired flags are respectfully disposed of in accordance with tradition and protocol. If you have a flag that has become tattered and unsuitable for display, you can deposit it in a marked box outside of the flag barn on City Hall property for proper disposal.

Flag Day also serves as a moment of reflection on the importance of unity and coming together as a nation. It serves as a reminder that despite differences in opinion, background, or belief, Americans can find common ground and rally behind the shared values of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” represented by the flag.

For many, the flag serves as a symbol of hope, reminding citizens of their resilience and the strength that comes from standing together. It serves as a reminder that despite the challenges faced, the United States continues to strive for a better tomorrow, guided by the principles that the flag so proudly represents.

On this Flag Day, let the red, white, and blue inspire us all to embrace the values that define America and continue to work towards a country that truly is a land of liberty, justice, and opportunity for all. May the American flag forever wave, a beacon of hope and unity in an ever-changing world.

Click HERE to read about the flag code, including proper display and handling.

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