Clifton Times Pet Of The Week: Meet Kevin!


Kevin is a beautiful 8-month-old purebred Collie, who was surrendered to Rosemarie's Rescue Ranch after a horrible accident. He will be neutered and fully vaccinated as part of his recovery plan. Kevin is a beautiful dog who gets along with cats and dogs alike and would be a great fit for any family, especially one with kids to play with. He's more than just a very beautiful dog, he is also a very sweet one, who would be a perfect addition to a loving family.

Kevin resting and recuperating in his crate.

Kevin came to Rosemarie’s Rescue Ranch after an accident. He had just been purchased from a breeder when just 24 hours later, he was on a drive with his family on a busy road with the window wide open. Kevin was not tethered in the car and he jumped out the window onto the road, where he was hit by a car. He suffered two broken legs and severe road rash, and his owners took him to get vet care. As they couldn’t afford the cost of surgery, they opted to surrender this beautiful puppy, and Rosemarie’s Rescue Ranch took over the costs. 

Veterinary Emergency Group, right here in Clifton, was able to save both his legs and put him on the road to recovery. Kevin no longer has a cast on and walks normally, but still needs to rest his legs for greater healing, which he does happily in his crate. Kevin is now four weeks into his recovery and his prognosis is wonderful. His youth and overall wellness brought on a rapid recovery, and he is looking for his forever home!

Kevin is recovering and can walk normally to seek out cuddles.

Kevin’s story is a reminder of two important pet safety tips. First, dogs should not be loose in cars as it can be dangerous for themselves and others. Dogs that are not properly secured in the car can be thrown around during accidents, hurting themselves and people in the car.  Like Kevin, if they see something that catches their interest, they can and will try and get loose to jump out of the car and chase. Dogs can also be a distraction if they’re moving freely around your car, which can lead to accidents. American Humane has pet safety tips HERE, including a reminder that dogs should never be in the front seat, should always be restrained in a harness or a containment device, like a carrier, and should always have updated identification information on them, so they can be returned to you if they get lost.

The second is a reminder that unexpected medical bills can cost thousands of dollars, so if the cost of an emergency veterinary visit or serious illness would be a financial strain, consider investing in pet health insurance while your pet is healthy. Pet insurance can help provide pets with the best medical care possible, including treatments, surgeries, lab fees, X-rays, and prescriptions, and can help owners make the best decisions for their pets, instead of being forced to euthanize or surrender due to financial pressures. The high cost of unexpected medical bills is one of the leading causes of owner surrenders. More on evaluating pet insurance HERE.

Kevin is great with children, cats and dogs, and even Lamb Chop! He loves his toy!

If you think that Kevin might be a good fit for your family, Rosemarie’s Rescue Ranch Foster-to-Adopt Option is a great way to experience adding a new family member, without making a lifetime commitment first. The minimum commitment is just two weeks. Fosters always get first dibs to adopt within these two weeks but are not required to. All supplies, including a loaner crate, harness, food, etc are provided by the rescue, along with 24/7 support from a personal liaison who can help you with any questions you might have as you adjust to one another. No pressure, no second thoughts, the Foster-to-Adopt Option allows you to just enjoy your time together and see if the chemistry is right and if this pet is a fit for your family. The Clifton Times did a feature on Rosemarie's Rescue Ranch and their founder Susan Janett, and their foster-to-adopt program, with more details.

All applications can be found at You can also donate to Rosemarie’s Rescue Ranch to help vet, transport, and support Kevin and others as they get a second chance at life. Kevin’s vet bills have been $13,000 so far, and if you would like to donate to help this very good boy, you can do so there as well.

Please consider adding Kevin or one of the many beautiful pets at Rosemarie's Rescue Ranch to your family! 

Kevin loves Lamb Chop! He's looking for a new family to share his favorite toys with!
Kevin is on the road to recovery, and ready to find his forever home!
Kevin is happy relaxing in his crate!
RRR will provide you with crates and everything you need to help transition Kevin into your home, under their Foster2Adopt program!
Kevin is packed and ready to come home to you!
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