Student Feature: Maria Jimenez - A First-Generation Trailblazer at Clifton High School


In the rich collection of inspiring success stories, 18-year-old Maria Jimenez emerges as a radiant symbol of hope and tenacity. As a first-generation Mexican-American at Clifton High School (CHS), Maria has defied the odds, leaving an indelible mark while cherishing her family, academics, and love for animals. Maria personifies the invincible spirit that fuels the imaginations of those who dare to dream bigger than their circumstances. 

Maria's vibrant household includes her sister, mother, four dogs, and two cats. Surrounded by a menagerie of pets, Maria has cultivated an unquenchable affection for all living creatures. "As you can see, I'm a massive animal lover," she confesses. To satisfy her love and care for animals, in the future, Maria aspires to establish an animal shelter, offering resources and sanctuary for homeless or abandoned animals—a testament to her compassionate soul.

At CHS, Maria has actively participated in the Mock Trial team and the Clifton Student Union (CSU), demonstrating her zeal for law and advocacy. "I joined the Mock Trial team to get exposure into the field of law," she explains. Likewise, as a first-generation, bilingual, non-athlete, Maria joined the CSU "to advocate for underrepresented students like [herself]." During her junior year, as a commitment to her extracurricular activities, she earned a secretarial position on the executive board of CSU. 

Beyond the school walls, Maria serves as an Immigrant Advocate at the New Jersey Consortium for Immigrant Children (NJCIC), a collective of dedicated attorneys collaborating with young immigrants to promote their complete, courageous engagement in education, social justice, health equity, and all other aspects of society. At the consortium, Maria contributes to Migrants with Migraines, a youth-led podcast spotlighting the immigrant experience and fostering a supportive, safe, and relatable virtual community. Through her work with NJCIC, Maria has seized the opportunity to express her thoughts on subjects close to her heart. "Working with NJCIC has been an incredible experience. I've learned the power of advocacy, which has helped me become comfortable in my own voice," Maria reveals.

A guiding figure in Maria's life is her middle school social studies teacher, Ms. Weber, who has supported her through challenging periods and kindled her interest in politics and government. "I remember walking into her class every day and discussing the news events I had seen; she would help me make sense of what was happening," Maria reminisces. The two have maintained a close bond over the years. "We still email each other about current political events and personal updates," Maria reflects. She regards Ms. Weber as a mentor who has played a crucial role in her growth and development.

Throughout high school, Maria has learned the importance of self-care. Amongst her busy schedule, Maria had to plan time for herself, whether that involved getting her hair and nails done or going out for walks. But, more importantly, Maria realized the power of seeking discomfort to grow as an individual. Early on, Maria enrolled in challenging advanced placement classes, expanding her critical thinking and academic aptitudes. Moreover, she grasped the meaning of diligence and tenacity. "Always remember to study and work hard for what you want. Younger generations need to realize their goals are within reach if they put in the effort," she advises.

As the eldest child in her family and a first-generation immigrant, Maria encountered numerous financial deficits and a lack of guidance in pursuing higher education. "From crafting a personal essay to applying for scholarships and struggling to answer tough questions asked by colleges, I had to learn the ropes by myself," she reminisces. Nevertheless, Maria's careful research acquainted her with the college application process and the multifaceted approaches to developing a successful application. "I am proud to be the first in my family to pursue a college education and a career as an attorney," she remarks.

Eager to expand her horizons, Maria attempted to participate in summer programs at different universities. Regrettably, financial constraints and other unmentioned requirements often impeded her progress. As a first-generation student and the eldest sibling, Maria had to adapt and learn, figuring things out independently. "Autonomy has been a vital attribute for me since my youth, especially since my mother was often working and unable to offer constant support," she explains.

As Maria matured, she assumed a motherly role towards her younger sister, Kiara, taking on the responsibility of looking after, teaching, and feeding her. Maria fondly remembers, "I raised Kiara as though she were my child because I wanted to support my mother in any way possible." With their mother frequently away at work, Maria included Kiara in her own activities. She shares, "Whenever I spent time with friends, I made sure to bring my sister along." To this day, when asked about her mother, Kiara often refers to Maria—a testament to Maria's unwavering care and devotion throughout the years.

Maria's parents finished high school but didn't have the opportunity to seek higher education. This limited academic background led to various financial challenges for her family. She recalls a crucial conversation with her mother, who advised that she would need to take a year off to work and save for college unless she received a full scholarship. "Thankfully, my good grades saved me. I got full-rides to multiple in and out of state schools," she expresses. This accomplishment alleviates the financial burden on her family and clears the path for her future success. Reflecting on Maria's journey, we witness the splendor of this country and the opportunities it offers. The children of immigrant families can flourish and grow, generating a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

Maria Jimenez has set her sights high for her future after high school: earning a political science degree from a four-year college, attending law school, and forging a career in government. Early in her journey, she plans to dedicate her time to supporting the rights of immigrant families and communities. "My aspiration is to advocate for women's and immigrant rights, whether that's through government work or as an attorney," she asserts. Maria's fervor for these issues is rooted in her upbringing within an immigrant community and her experiences with their struggles.

Exemplifying resilience, determination, and empathy, Maria Jimenez's story is one of triumph as a first-generation student hailing from an immigrant family. Navigating numerous obstacles, she has emerged more tenacious and focused than ever. Her unwavering devotion to her family and passion for advocacy make her an unstoppable force. Maria's steadfast commitment to assisting others and standing up for her convictions is a testament to the power of diligence and the opportunities available to those bold enough to envision them. As Maria commences the next chapter of her life, pursuing higher education and a career in law and government, she continues to pave the way for future generations. We take pride in witnessing her accomplishments and eagerly anticipate the extraordinary feats this remarkable young woman will achieve next. Maria Jimenez is a beacon of hope, inspiring others to surmount challenges and fulfill their dreams while making the world a brighter place.

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