The Clifton Times Pet(s) of the Week - Meet the H Kittens - Harry, Harmony, Harper, and Hope!


Meet the H kittens - Harry, Harmony, Hope, and Harper! These four-month-old littermates have been at the Clifton Animal Shelter since January and would love to be your new best friends! The three female kittens and their brother are spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccines. Check out a video of them playing together HERE, they’re more entertaining than Minecraft! Just break out the laser pointer or a toy with a squeaker and watch the ensuing shenanigans!

The Clifton Animal Shelter hopes to adopt them out in pairs so they can give you double the love, keep each other company, and present you with the cutest photo ops.

Adopting kittens in pairs is a great way to socialize them into your home. Although it may feel like getting two kittens means getting double of everything, they can share toys and bowls, and it may even make life easier because they have someone to play with. Kittens grow up play fighting with their siblings and through play quickly learn what is acceptable in terms of biting, nipping, and gnawing (all very normal kitten activities!). Pairs of kittens will train one another - coordination, boundaries, and hunting can be learned much more easily from an enthusiastic sibling than from a human! Kittens are also constantly exploring and looking to entertain themselves - with a friend to wrestle, they won’t get bored and have to resort to other adventures that you might like less, like climbing the curtains. Having another kitten that they know will also ease the transition to a new home and help them acclimate and feel safer sooner. As they grow up, they may calm down, but they will always have a very special bond with you.

If you think your home is ready for two perfect kittens, please fill out the adoption application at the Clifton Animal Shelter and someone will contact you to discuss and answer any questions that you may have, and to set up a time to come in to meet the H kittens. The shelter does this to ensure that the environment is calm and conducive to having potential adopters get a good sense of the personality of the companion animal, and so they aren’t subjecting them to unnecessary stress.

You can also support the Clifton Animal Shelter by donating via their PayPal link or by donating supplies to them from their wishlists (Chewy or Amazon).

Please consider adding a pair of the H Kittens to your home!  The shelter has many wonderful cats and kittens in need of homes.

Everyone loves a blanket fort!
Double your fun and take a pair of kittens home today!
Harper would be a happy addition to any family!
Harmony can't wait to come and explore the world with you!
Harry! He has a little diamond on his nose, and will be a real gem in your home!
Hope! She hopes to find her furever home very soon!
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