What’s Happening This Week at CHS


Surprisingly, it is shaping up to be a relatively calm week (or at least as calm as it can get) at Clifton High School with the calendar vacant of the meetings, concerts, half-days, or usual activities that occupy the agenda. It is not often that the school sees such an empty schedule, so staff and students should enjoy the downtime while it lasts!

Despite this week being fairly dull, students and teachers will have a busy schedule starting the following week with quarterly exams beginning April 3rd. Quarterlies are taken at the end of a marking period and generally account for about fifteen percent of one’s grade in that class as they cover everything that was taught during that marking period. However, there will be a substantial reward following the exams for both students and staff as Spring Break is the very next week from the 10th to the 14th. Happy studying and good luck to all the students!

Even though the school’s calendar is relatively bare, the athletic department has another crammed schedule this week with teams gearing up for the spring season. Baseball, lacrosse, softball, volleyball, girl's flag football, and tennis all have scrimmages this week at various times and in multiple places throughout Clifton. To view the full schedule, you can visit the CHS Athletic Event Calendar to see further details about locations and days for each event. If you have more questions, you can contact the school’s Athletic Director, at TMullahey@cliftonschools.net.

Enjoy the easy-going week CHS!

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