Is Bruno's As Good As Ever? We've Done a Taste Test for You!


There’s been a bit of heated debate and speculation lately in Clifton. No, it’s not about the upcoming City Council election (although there is plenty of heated debate about that), but it’s something that has galvanized Clifton residents together in the way that only a beloved Clifton food staple can. The issue? How has the recent change in management and renovation impacted Bruno’s Pizzeria, and more importantly is the famed Sicilian pizza the same saucy deliciousness that we’ve all come to know and love?

So is Bruno’s the same? No. It’s actually even better. We stopped in for a quick and casual dinner this evening, anxious to see for ourselves what has, and hasn’t, changed about this Clifton legend.

What Has Changed

Everything inside is new, from the floors, to the tables, to the paintings on the wall, the new and improved Bruno’s has had a very clean, modern makeover. Although they still have a dining room in the back of the restaurant, it's a much more appealing dining area, with table service and wine and beer available if you are in the mood.  

After placing our food order, our waitress delivered homemade focaccia bread, along with a small bowl of olive oil for dipping . It was very delicious and a very unexpected and welcome "no-charge" extra for our dinner.

The menu has expanded. Along with the standard pizza options are an assortment of new gourmet pizzas from Margherita Pizza to Grilled Chicken Caesar Pizza, Primavera Pizza loaded with veggies, to Hawaiian Pizza topped with pineapple.

There are also a variety of new and inventive additions to the menu, including a Sicilian Rice Ball appetizer that comes topped with standard tomato sauce or a creamy pink vodka sauce. We opted for the vodka sauce and the rice balls arrived topped with shaved parmesan — a very nice touch.

What has stayed the same

The dining room service is still great, with a friendly waitress who knew the menu and made a couple of very nice recommendations for us.

Now for the big question… is the Sicilian pizza, the one item that has made Bruno’s a favorite of Cliftonites for decades the same as it always has been?

I’m happy to report that the well-loved square pie is just as good as ever. For someone like me, who is not a big fan of a cheesy pizza, the Bruno’s Sicilian was always my go-to pizza of choice. It has a thick, doughy crust, that’s crispy on the bottom and corners (I always ask for a corner slice) with just a touch of cheese, finished with an abundance of delicious red sauce on top. Bigger and more filling than a standard slice of pizza, but definitely a Clifton must try.

Located at 1006 Route 46 West (in the Big Lots shopping center), the new and improved Bruno’s offers dine in, curbside pickup, and no-contact delivery. You can order online or call  973-473-3339.

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