Hoping for a Home: Leo and Cliff, Two Bonded Kitties Searching for Their Happy Ending!


Every homeless pet has a story. Sometimes we know their story, other times we don’t, but usually there is sadness in their past, and almost always that sadness has nothing to do with anything that the cat or dog has done.

Today we are focusing on two cats who have suffered loss, sadness, and loneliness and despite it all, have remained sweet and friendly and wanting nothing but love. Meet Leo and Cliff.

Leo is a black and white tuxedo cat, who is about four years old. His good buddy, Cliff, is about 8 years old and is orange with a white bib and booties. Leo and Cliff have lived together happily for many years with their human dad. A few months ago, their human dad sadly passed away, leaving behind his two beloved cats. Family have been caring for the two cats in their empty apartment, but are unable to adopt them permanently due to having large dogs who are not cat friendly.

The family wants nothing but for Leo and Cliff to get their happy ending, so they reached out to the wonderful volunteers at Rosemary’s Rescue Ranch for a little help.

Both cats are neutered and are indoor only. They have recently had vet visits and are healthy and up-to-date on shots. They are friendly, although Cliff is the more outgoing of the two, and are totally housebroken. Both cats love to play, they like to rub up against human visitors, and once they get to know you they will let you hold them like they are babies.

If you’re concerned about two cats being twice the work, they are not. In fact, having two cats ensures they will entertain and amuse each other, take care of each other, and you’ll never feel badly about leaving them home alone when you have to go to work, because they’ll have each other for company. Talk about a win/win situation.

What Leo and Cliff need most of all is for someone to take a chance on them and give them back the loving home life they used to have. Can you step up and be their hero? Fill out an application at Rosemary’s Rescue Ranch to make Leo and Cliff a part of your family.

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