Searching for a Home: The K Kittens, Pets of the Week at the Clifton Animal Shelter


We’re guessing you’ve probably heard the phrase ‘Two’s company; three’s a crowd’ but when it comes to kittens, three is absolute purr-fection. Our names are Kobe, Kyle, and Kaia, but the people at the Clifton Animal Shelter like to call us ‘The K Kittens.’ We had a little bit of a rough start, but things have really started to look up for us lately.

We were born outside and although our cat mom tried her best to raise us, it’s not easy being a street cat. Luckily, some nice people brought us to the shelter to help us start a new life. After getting checked out by the vet, we went to this place called a ‘foster home’ and things are pretty great for us now. Our foster mom has a special room set aside just for us, and it’s filled with everything three growing kittens could hope to have — plenty of food, a nice clean litter box, cozy blankets, and lots and lots of toys.

Our foster mom loves us a whole lot and always tells us that we are the cutest and best kittens in the world. We know she would love to keep us forever, but if she did:

  1. Her other cats wouldn’t be happy at all
  2. She would officially become a crazy cat lady

So, now we are looking for a permanent home of our very own. Although the shelter would adopt us out alone or as a pair, we are really hoping to stay together forever. After all, two kittens are better than one, and three kittens are even better than two! We play together all day long, and make our foster mom laugh. We snuggle and sleep together, and generally just really love each other.

Here’s a little more information about us:

Kyle is white, with grey and black tiger stripes along his back. He is the bravest of the group and adores playing almost as much as he likes to purr and cuddle with his foster mom.

Kobe is the smallest of the K Kittens. He is solid black, with a cute little white spot on his chest. He loves being held and snuggled and his favorite toy is his crinkle tunnel that he likes to run through all day long.

Kaia is an absolutely gorgeous tiger stripe kitten. She is a little timid but really enjoys being held and jumps really high when she plays with her feather wand. 

It would be so hard to take just one, and impossible to leave one behind, so why not fill out an application to meet this little trio? You might fall in love with all three!

Check out photos of the K Kittens on the Clifton Animal Shelter website. We know they are going to steal your heart!

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