Where Can You Get the Best Lasagna in Clifton? We've Done the Research for You!


There’s a holiday coming up this week and you may not be aware of it, but if you are a lover of gooey cheese, tangy sauce, and layers of pasta, it’s a holiday you definitely want to celebrate! We’re talking about National Lasagna Day, which happens to be this Friday, July 29th.

Personally, I like to make lasagna at home. There’s something about the satisfaction of simmering a pot of homemade meat sauce (my mom’s recipe, which I swear is the best), and then building layer-upon-layer of lasagna noodles, cushioned by a creamy ricotta cheese mixture, and topped with melted mozzarella. But, for those who want lasagna decadence, without lasagna effort, we’ve taste tested lasagna dinners from 6 different Clifton restaurants to pick a few standouts.

The restaurants (in alphabetical order), as well as the cost for a lasagna dinner are as follows:

Ametis Pizza $11.00

Clifton Village Pizza $16.75

Gallery Bistro $11.95

Mario’s $12.95

Taste of Tuscany $14.95

Tony’s Pizza Pasta Grill $15.95

Each one had things that we liked. They all included bread for dipping. Some included extras, like a side salad, or potato croquettes; others were large enough that a “dinner for one” could actually feed two people or more. Some had a lot of cheese, others were swimming in sauce, but when all was said and done, these three were our favorites (again, in alphabetical order).

Ametis Pizza

Consistently good for pizza, Ametis didn’t disappoint for their lasagna offering. A great value, very generously sized, and if you love cheese you’ll really love this lasagna. The sauce was good without being sweet, the lasagna held together well without turning into a soupy mess.

Clifton Village Pizza

Another consistently reliable pizza restaurant, that hit it out of the park with their lasagna. Included with a lasagna dinner is a choice of a side salad or a potato croquette, and the bread provided for dipping was fresh and above average in taste. We loved the chunks of tomato in the sauce, the way the lasagna noodles were cooked, and there was a lot of cheese (particularly if you like mozzarella).

Gallery Bistro

Although I’m a regular diner at this smaller, lesser known eat-in or take-out BYOB restaurant, I hadn’t tried the lasagna before. The owner/chef Julian never disappoints and always surprises with his flavorful dishes and this lasagna was another hit. Nicely layered, firm, and stayed together well, with plenty of meat evenly distributed throughout. Tasty sauce, clearly homemade, and the perfect amount of cheesy goodness. The best lasagna value based on the size compared with the price (yes we did weigh each and every slice).

A few shoutouts:

At Tony’s Pizza Pasta and Grill, the owner came out to hand over the order (not knowing that we were doing an article), introduced himself, and tossed in a few extras because we said that it was our first time there. That’s service!

Taste of Tuscany’s order includes a bag of homemade garlic knots that were warm and crispy, and loaded with garlic flavor.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank my team of tasters: Gerard Scorziello, Irene Mawker, and Mike Giansanti, because no one can handle doing this much food alone — a total of 9.3 pounds of lasagna to be exact.

It was a great night of carb indulgence and the really great news is that if you live in Clifton and you’re a lasagna lover you have plenty of places to satisfy your lasagna cravings. Happy National Lasagna Day!

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