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The Clifton Times provides hyper local news and information for Clifton, NJ from longtime residents, journalists, writers, and those living or working in Clifton.

A group of long time Clifton residents founded this online news site for Clifton,  The Clifton Times to help city residents stay up to date about current events with a hyper local focus on the Clifton community - for Clifton by Clifton.  The site was founded in 2021 after several years of declining local coverage caused by corporate buyouts of local newspapers.

Clifton has landed on lists of the top most diverse cities in the State and Country several times over the last decade.  With over 90,000 residents, a city of this scope needs a local paper covering the city government, schools and all the events happening across town to help busy residents stay connected and informed. 

Collectively, The Clifton Times brings together over 30 years of journalism and writing experience, community service, volunteerism and a desire to keep the community informed about life in Clifton.  Our contributors are long-time Clifton residents that include veteran journalists, published authors, professional writers and other experienced professionals in their field.  We encourage anyone interested in contributing, sponsoring an ad, or becoming a member to reach out to us at


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